Custom Bobbleheads Bulk Orders Priceing

Wholesale Custom Bobble Head Pricing

At the Bobble Factory, we are the leaders in the manufacturing, importing and distribution of custom bobble head dolls. With over 7 years experience and thousands of custom designs successfully delivered, we are the right team for your next bobble head promotion.

The following is a pricing guide for 7 – 7.5″ custom bobble head dolls.
Quantity Price Each
50 pieces $15.9/ea
100 pieces $11.9/ea
250 pieces $9.5/ea
500 pieces $7.30/ea
1,000 pieces $5.30/ea
2,500 pieces $4.70/ea
5,000 pieces $4.00/ea
10,000 pieces $3.50/ea
Set-up Charge: $90.00
Lead Time for Bobble Delivery: 30 - 90 days for completed project.
All prices quoted FOB (not include the shipping fee)
Freight is prepaid and added to invoice.
Terms: $1,000.00 prepaid deposit (more than 500 pieces), by Paypal or credit card.